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The Team

Silvia Berciano

Silvia is a third year Molecular Biology & Genetics student with a background in Electronic Engineering and Industrial Design. Her hobbies include traveling, drawing, watching Game of Thrones and most recently trying to find the best ice cream in London. Her main academic fields of interest are Epigenetics, Nutrigenomics, Synthetic Biology and Bioinformatics.

Karin Ford

Karin is a third year undergraduate in Molecular Biology and Genetics. This is hersecond degree, the first being in modern languages. Aside from this she has a keen interest in the arts - all aspects. Karin particularly enjoys photography, theatre, and classical music. Her current academic interests lie in synthetic biology and molecular therapeutics, hence her great interest in iGEM and our present project on human cancer stem cells.

Radek Kwasniak

Radek and is graduating this year with a MSc in microbiology. Apart from finding a cure for cancer using synthetic biology, he enjoy travelling, reading books and martial arts.

Moyin Odugbemi

Currently studying Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, Moyin's main academic interests are Biochemical engineering and the Pseudomonas species. She has a background in pure Biochemistry. When she's not being a scientist, she likes to read, hang out in parks, people watch and write. Having personally encountered cancer, she believes strongly that this project is pivotal to developing a cure and saving millions of lives. 

Hima Puthussery

Hima is currently staring at synthetic biology with a new found enthusiasm, trying to figure out how well to play with it. Her background is a combination of Biotechnology, Chemistry and Zoology, further supplemented by applied microbiology. She loves poetry, arts and climbing- and would love to make a bacteria do all this! She really believes we all are in a large fermenter, constantly evolving, adapting and producing metabolites that we alone can define.

Louise Usher

Louise is doing a MSc in Microbiology and Plant Pathology. She loves working in the LAB and have found iGEM to be great exposure to molecular biology and synthetic biology. Here hobbies include travelling, reading, flying kites and eating out.

Shanmuga Priya Subramaniam

Priya has just finished her MSc. Medical Microbiology. Her main motivation to join in iGEM team was learning more microbiology and molecular biology laboratory techniques. She also thinks that the cancer project is really challenging and she is excited about its potential future applications.

Ana Sokolovic

Ana is an undergraduate and is about to start her third year of her Graphic Communication Design course (BA Honours). Her hobbies include drawing, playing guitar, socialising, watching movies, reading, and gaming. 

Shreenil Odedra

Shreenil is an undergraduate and is about to start his third year of his bioscience degree. He has interest in cancer biology and his hobbies include art, music, internet, social networking, short film, reading and gaming.

Caroline Champion

Caroline is a 2nd year Biological Sciences student, with a passion for Physiology and Environmental science. I joined the iGEM team to get a better understanding of molecular biology and the get hands on with the practical application of the theory the team plan to apply in brining our "Biobricks" to life.