Attributions & Acknowledgements

All work has been done by the team members unless stated otherwise.

A big thank you to our PhD Advisors: Andrew Duncan Jenks - who did the mammalian transfecion work; Myrsini Tsimon, Rhyan Puno, Eustace Fernando and Amrutha Chilumuri - who were there for us, giving precious advice during the brainstorming sessions and in the lab. We are particularly thankful to Howard Boland, who was with us in every part of the project, sharing his passion for synthetic biology and art and supporting in moments when things weren´t working.

We also deeply thank our Academic Advisor, Dr. Mark Clements, for his enthusiasm, energy and infinite patience. You inspired us all and made the learning process very enjoyable! We are also grateful to Dr. Anatoliy Markiv and Dr. Sterghios Moschos for their help during the first brainstorming sessions, and to Dr. Miriam Dwek for sharing her knowledge and opinions with us in a wonderful interview.

Many thanks to our sponsors: the University of Westminster, University of Westminster Students' Union, Autodesk, Geneious, IDT and Mathworks for your support - the iSTEM would not have been possible without you!