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Image:Washington_UWMed.gif|<center><b>UW Medicine</b><br/>Contribution</center>
Image:Washington_UWMed.gif|<center><b>UW Medicine</b><br/>Contribution</center>
Image:UW_seal.png|<center><b>UW Office of Research</b><br/>Contribution</center>
Image:UW_Seal.png|<center><b>UW Office of Research</b><br/>Contribution</center>
Image:IDTLogo2010.png|<center><b>IDT</b><br/>Oligo Synthesis</center>
Image:IDTLogo2010.png|<center><b>IDT</b><br/>Oligo Synthesis</center>

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Who we are

Who did what

Winter quarter marked the beginning of participation for this year's team for both students and advisors alike. Advisors helped students to familiarize themselves with the intricacies of synthetic biology by recommending published scientific papers and holding weekly meetings. In addition, students also familiarized themselves with previous year's Washington iGEM projects and gave presentations about them. During spring quarter, the team progressed into giving another round of presentations in which published scientific papers concerning synthetic biology were the topics of interest. Students, being well prepared and acquainted with the inner workings of iGEM and synthetic biology, then brainstormed and chose their projects with the guidance of advisors. The team participated in UW Engineering Discovery Days in which Students shared synthetic biology concepts with budding young scientists and educators alike. During the summer, students worked diligently on their chosen experiments while accepting counsel from both advisors and faculty.

The work on this wiki is solely the work of iGEM students and does not reflect the work of any host lab, advisor, or instructor involved in iGEM.

Plastic Degradation: Felix Ekness, David Zong, Kevin Kwong, Teresa Jiang, Gabriel Licina,

Optogenetics: Rada Jumroon, Max Gelb, Austin Moon,

Flu Binders: Rashmi Ravichandran, Sarah Seo, Ho Wing Chan, Yina Xu, Jeremy Housekeeper, Nikole Robertson, Dongwook Choe

BioBrick Team: Mathew Harger, Matthew Scot, Erik Murphy

Media: Alex Darling, Nikole Robertson, Jeremy Housekeeper, Felix Ekness

Community Outreach David Zong, Nikole Robertson, Teresa Jiang, Felix Ekness, Erik Murphy