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[ osmY Assay]
[ osmY Assay]
[ PUR Esterase Assay]
[ PUR Esterase Assay]
[ Ethylene Glycol Assay]
[ Ethylene Glycol Assay]

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General Protocols

General Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

General SDS PAGE gel Electrophoresis

General PCR Protocol

General Digestion Protocol

General Ligation Protocol

General Transformation Protocol

Electroporation (Transformation)

Colony PCR Protocol

Competent Cell Prep Protocol

Standard 1L Expression Purification

Gene Assembly With Oligos


Computational Protein Design

Glycerol Stocks

Gibson Cloning/Assembly

Isolation of Plasmid DNA (miniprep)

Preparation of Overnight Cultures

PCR Purification

Gel Purification

Plastic Degradation

osmY Assay

PUR Esterase Assay

Ethylene Glycol Assay

Flu Binders

Kunkel Mutagenesis

Overview of the Kunkel Mutagenesis process

Yeast Surface Display

Yeast Transformation


Light App Experiments