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Student members


Introducir descripción Alex

Miguel Angel gaspar

Introducir descripcción Miguel Angel Gaspar


Irene Guijarro García

Hi! I'm biologist and I enjoy too much working in the laboratory, but which I really like is teaching Biology.

I started in the iGEM because I liked the idea of crate something new by ourselves, and try to find all their applications of everyday life. Furthermore, I like meeting people of diferentes countries, in fact, I was in other Jamboree 2 years ago, and I think that this centralization is an excellent opportunity to meet people who can give us diferents points of view about science.

Cristina Mas Cano

Descripción Cristina Mas Cano

Jose Manuel Cano

Descripción Jose Manuel Cano

Ismael Mullor Ruiz

Descripción Ismael Mullor Ruiz

Rocio Ochoa Fernandez

Descripción Rocio Ochoa Fernandez

Gonzalo de Oyanguren Aparicio

Descripción Gonzalo de Oyanguren Aparicio

Elia Pérez León

Descripción Foto Elia Pérez León

Juan Luis Reig Valiente

Descripción Juan Luis Reig Valiente

Estefanía Sanchez Chicharro

Descripción Juan Luis Reig Valiente

Ruth Sanz Tamarit

Descripción Ruth Sanz Tamarit

Arantxa Urchueguía Fornes

Hi world!! I´m a recently graduated biologist and I love Biology, especially everything related to DNA and its regulation mechanisms.
I decided to participate in iGEM to get involved in research. Synthetic Biology is a very exciting new field in Biology and I´m very happy I had the opportunity to learn and take part of it.
Outside the lab I´m a passionate of Bellydancing and dancing in general, if I had to choose another career I would have loved to be a professional dancer :)!
We see us in Amsterdam!