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Culturing Synechococcus elongatusin liquid medium.

Reagents and Materials

  • BG-11.
  • Cotton gauze wrapped.
  • Erlenmeyer flask.
  • S. elongatus strain.
  • Sowing handle.
  • Lighter.


  1. Add 5 ml of S. elongatus in 80 ml BG-11 in a Erlenmeyer flask. There is also the possibily to add S. elongatus warming up the sowing handle with a lighter no longer than 15 cm from the steril part. Pick up with the sowing handle an amount of S. elongatus in order to deposit it on the Erlenmeyer flask with 80 ml BG-11.
  2. Put on the mouth of the Erlenmeyer flask, helped with twezeers and cotton gauze wrapped.
  3. Place the culture S. elongatus a shaking incubator at 35°C.