Team:University College London/gemFM/Trondheim


NTNU Trondheim iGEM and Dr Alfred Nordmann

Search and Destroy: Bacterial Anti-Cancer Kamikaze
Trondheim, the only Norwegian iGEM team, are enabling E.coli to detect and attack cancer cells. The cells will produce a tumor inhibitor effective at killing cancer cells. It will then respond to environmental cues indicating the presence of cancer cells and undergoe lysis, to release the anti-cancer agent. Trondheim iGEM describes this as a "search and destroy" missions against cancer inside the human body.

Creative Understanding
Dr Alfred Nordmann is Professor of Philosophy and History of Science and Technoscience at TU Darmstadt. We sat down with him at the CAS Conference in Munich to talk about the difference between science and technoscience - including Synthetic Biology. Whereas the former aims to generate intellectual knowledge, the latter focuses on creating capabilities and creative understanding.

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