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Notebook: Week 10

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Aims of the Week

With the presentation to UCL next Monday, we have many aims to complete this week. We need to complete a first draft of the presentation, and make matching t-shirts for the team. We would like to complete our new DIYbio plans, especially as last week we managed to book a lab space for the event. After last weekends excursion to Bournemouth to collect sands samples, we also hope we will find time to analyse the sand for plastic pollution. Carina is working hard to finish her 3D model, so we will have a something tangible for our presentation, and she also plans on finishing designs for the wiki homepage and our poster. In the lab we aim to carry out curli characterization with congo red and nuclease characterisation with DNAse, culturing marine bacteria Oceanibulbus indolifex and generating a new bank of competent cells. Finally, for modelling we want to generate model that shows how irrE gene, for salt tolerance, influences e coli metabolism