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DIYbio collaboration - Making a "Public BioBrick"

Exhibition 24th September, London, "Right or Risk? The 1st Public BioBrick: Exploring Public Access to the Tools of Synthetic Biology"

Synthetic Biology is turning genetic engineering into a simple exercise, with thousands of DNA components - BioBricks - available to program bacteria. What if ordinary citizens want access to these tools? Now, for the first time, UCL have teamed up with a group of ‘biohackers’ (citizen scientists in molecular biology) to create the world’s first ‘Public BioBrick’. Join us for an evening exhibition and Q&A hosted by UCL iGEM with C-LAB.
Grant Museum of Zoology, 24th September, 7-8.30pm
Free drinks will be served (with a unique molecular science twist!)
Please join us in the Jeremy Bentham Pub on University Street for a reception after the event.

Tickets and more information on Eventbrite!

Workshop at the London Hackspace

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Workshop at the UCL Cruciform teaching labs

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