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Project Overview

This year we want to start developing bricks for use in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii chloroplasts.

a) Constitutive chimeric promoters for the expression of recombinant proteins

In this part of the project we aim to develop constitutive promoters that could allow for accumulation of different levels of recombinant proteins in chlamy chloroplast. We are aware that some groups around the globe have tried to determimed what is the best promoter to drive the expression of recombinant proteins that accumulate to high levels. Even though, these attempts have rendered a couple of promoter (PatpA and PpsbA ) that function reasonably well, these promoters seem to be affected by the ORF sequence at the translation level. We noticed that so far not many workd have foucued on the study of promoter/5´UTR combination so for this years proyect we aimed to circunvect this problem by construction a serios of promoter+5´UTR combination

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