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Our Parts


The aminoglycoside antibiotic resistance gene (aadA +)of pHP45Ω was originally carried on a 1.7-kb PvuII-HindIII fragment from the R100.1 plasmid. Plasmid pHP45Ω was constructed in Pierre Prentki and Henry M. Krisch, 1984 [5] as stated in NCBI with this fragment. The addA sequence can be found in, it is confirmed to be the one contained in pHP45Ω and the complete sequence of pHP45Ω plasmid can be found in [10, 11].

Hawaii 2008 iGEM team attempted before to construct a similar cassette but didn’t succeed. For iGEM UNAM Genomics México 2012 project, the Ω Cassette was used in the design of an OR logic gate using a recently described new type of communication system between Bacillus Subtilis cells called Nanotubes.


Second Repetition