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Our Parts


The aminoglycoside antibiotic resistance gene (aadA +)[3,4] of pHP45 was originally carried on a 1.7-kb PvuII-HindIII fragment from the R100.1 plasmid[5]. Plasmid pHP45Ω was constructed in Pierre Prentki and Henry M. Krisch, 1984 [5] as stated in NCBI[6] with this fragment. The addA sequence can be found in [7, 8 ], it is confirmed to be the one contained in pHP45Ω[9] and the complete sequence of pHP45Ω plasmid can be found in [10, 11].

Hawaii 2008 iGEM team [12] attempted before to construct a similar cassette [13] but didn’t succeed. For iGEM UNAM Genomics México 2012 project [14], the Ω Cassette was used in the design of an OR logic gate[15] using a recently described new type of communication system between Bacillus Subtilis cells called Nanotubes[16].


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