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Angela Chen

Angela is a sophomore in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. This is her second year in iGEM. She wanted to return to iGEM because she craved the experience of working with a group of fellow undergraduates that shared the same passion for synthetic biology. She also wanted to acquire the valuable experience of managing a team to create something extraordinary in synthetic biology.There are two things that make her happy: seeing transformed colonies on her culture plates, or seeing the ominous red ink traced in a shape of an "A" at the top right hand corner of her chemistry exam. Aside from academics, Angela enjoys volunteering around the world. She is able to extend a hand to those less fortunate as well as learn more herself in the process. When she feels depressed, she likes to lock herself in her room with a pint of chocolate ice-cream.

Bob Chen

Bob is this year's team's webmaster. He had always been into cutting edge technology and loves the fact that he is able to work on biology in ways that would have been considered science fiction only a few decades ago. He thinks iGEM is one of the best opportunities around get undergraduate research done in a relatively young field with incredible potential. As a freshman studying Molecular and Cellular Biology he hopes one day to contribute to the scientific progress of humanity through research. Besides having interests in the sciences, he enjoys experiencing all things Sci-Fi, the cultures of East Asia, the sounds of jazz (especially those of Brazil), and the excitement of e-sports. Also Reddit. A lot of Reddit.

Anthony Chau

Anthony is a junior in Biochemistry. This is his first year in iGEM. He decided to join iGEM because he felt that synthetic biology possessed a potential that has an unprecedented power in influencing the future of biology. He wanted to apply his knowledge and imagination into building innovative biological circuits that could have novel functions and applications. The idea of working with a team of undergraduates to probe the vast potential of synthetic biology seemed truly fascinating as well. In addition, he found the iGEM logo curiously attractive. Anthony is an avid squash player. He also enjoys watching movies that make him smile, laugh, or cry. Lastly, he finds it immensely difficult to decide between a freshly prepared piece of sweet hamachi sushi or a delicately seared piece of medium-rare, rib-eye steak.

Asha Kirchhoff

Asha is a freshman in Bioengineering and this year’s iGEM secretary. Her interest in genetic engineering and awesome science led her to the iGEM team, and she’s thrilled to be working with some of the most intelligent and passionate people she has ever met! Being a part of iGEM is also exciting because she views the future of synthetic biology to be full of novel applications in personalized medicine, humanitarian aid, biotechnology and beyond. Outside of iGEM, Asha volunteers with the Society of Women Engineers, watches Dr. Who and the Big Bang Theory with friends, dances around her dorm room, and maintains her nerd street cred through terrible jokes.

Uros Kuzmanovic

My name's Uros Kuzmanovic, a Junior studying Molecular and Cellular Biology. This is my first year at iGEM where I seek to not only learn the applications and procedures of synthetic biology, but also collaborate with bright individuals to design a novel project. This blurb feels too impersonal to state something personal, but something too impersonal would be uninformative, quite the conundrum. If I could, I would sit down and have coffee with you. All the best!

Adi Malik

Adi is a Junior in Bioengineering, and the Corporate Director of this year's iGEM team. He joined iGEM because of a deep interest in biotechnology, genetics and engineering. He also has an interest in business and entrepreneurship, and is spearheading the effort in this year's entrepreneurship division. All in all, he believes iGEM provides a unique opportunity to develop something, with fellow undergraduates, that can have a tangible, positive impact on the world of synthetic biology. Aside from iGEM, Adi is an undergraduate researcher and consultant with Illinois Business Consulting. He enjoys playing the guitar, running, playing basketball and figuring out creative ways to waste time.

Isiah Ramos

Isiah Ramos attended highschool at the Illinois Math and Science Academy in Aurora, IL. He is the Lab manager of the 2012 Illinois iGEM team. His major is Agricultural and Biological Engineering, and he intends to focus on Nanotechnology. He hopes to one day research genetics in order to understand genetic disorders and how to treat them.

Cara Schornak

Cara Schornak, a freshman in MCBH, is excited to be on the 2012 Illinois iGEM team. She hails from the St. Louis, MO area, and is proud to bring her own diversity to the team. Cara first became interested in biology in general when she was a freshman in high school. She was inspired by the Punnett Square’s ability to predict the phenotype of the offspring of two individuals and was later drawn to epigenetics through a NOVA science episode. The field of synthetic biology also intrigued her after she heard about J. Craig Venter’s work in California and his tenacious work ethic. Cara worked for approximately two years at Washington University in St. Louis as a laboratory assistant in Dr. Doug Chalker’s lab. There she met her greatest inspiration, a Mr. Scott Horrell, who became her mentor and adviser. Horrell encouraged her to attend the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where she thrives in the rigorous and diverse atmosphere. When she is not in class, lab, or the library, Cara enjoys musical performances, lounging on the Quad, drinking tea, reading period novels, supporting the Illini, and sampling the ethnic cuisine on campus.

Divya Tankasala

I'm a freshman at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and I'm majoring in Bioengineering, with an intended track focus on biomechanics. I learned about iGEM through another organization I'm involved in - the Society of Women Engineers. I decided to apply for iGEM because I found it to be very unique when compared to normal undergraduate research work. As a bioengineer, I'm really excited to be part of a student-run research competition associated with synthetic biology and genetic engineering! In my free time, I blog (tumblr), read just about any random article I find lying around, blast an eclectic variety music through my noise-cancelling headphones, handle various alumni relations as a member of SWE and Engineering Student Ambassadors, eat like a machine, and work until obscene hours of the night. Go iGEM!

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