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<b>Fig. 5. </b>In-Vitro Transcription with MEGAscript® T7 Kit (Invitrogen)  
<b>Fig. 5. </b>10 well 10% 1mm urea denaturing acrylamide gel, post 2μg/mL EtBr staining for 20 min., destaining for 20 min. 1X TBE buffer, 120V for 55 min. In-Vitro Transcription with MEGAscript® T7 Kit (Invitrogen)  

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RNA Scaffold

  • RNA Scaffold Results Overview
  • RNA Scaffold Data
  • PUF Tethering Data
  • Conclusion
  • RNA Scaffold Overview

    The results covered in this section are of the experiments overviewed in the RNA Scaffold Design section.

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