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<b>Fig. 6.</b>
<b>Fig. 6.</b>
10 well 10% 1mm urea denaturing acrylamide gel, post 2μg/mL EtBr staining for 20 min., destaining for 20 min. 1X TBE buffer, 120V for 55 min. First 4 wells include 1 μL of 30 mM MnCl2 ions, last 4 wells include 1 μL of 30 mM MgCl2 ions. RNA samples were denatured for 3 min. at 95oC and then let to fold at 4oC for 5 min. Addition of 1 μL of annealing buffer (EDTA/Tris) before addition of protein. 30 min. incubation time with protein at 37oC and then addition of 2X 80% formamide/EDTA to stop the reaction. 66 nM concentration of RNA used.  
66 nM concentration of RNA, 305 nM concentration of WT PUF-PIN, and 45 nM concentration of 6-2/7-2 PUF-PIN used.

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RNA Scaffold

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    The results covered in this section are of the experiments overviewed in the RNA Scaffold Design section.

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