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<div id="outreachintro">
<div id="outreachintro">
<center><font size="7"><b>Human Practices</b></font></center>
<center><font size="6"><b>Human Practices</b></font></center>

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Human Practices
  • Overview
  • EOH
  • Lincoln's Challenge
  • GMO Collaboration
  • Genome Day
  • Further Resources
  • Contact Us
  • Mission Statement

    The UIUC 2012 iGEM team has embraced human practices as an opportunity to develop our own sense of ethics and responsibility while promoting general knowledge about synthetic biology.

    We have decided to focus our energies on a collaboration to produce informative and thought provoking videos on genetically modified organisms as well as individual presentations on synthetic biology within the Champaign-Urbana community.

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