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Overall project

Vitamin Deficiency is a health problem that is prevalent throughout the world. The particular problem that we have decided to focus on is the widespread problem of vitamin D deficiency. There are two kinds of vitamin D: D2 and D3. Each of these comes from a different source and can be utilized by the human body, however evidence has shown that vitamin D3 can be used more effectively by the human body. While this vitamin can be synthesized by the human body, this is only capable of occurring during certain months of the year and if the person chooses to expose their bear skin to the sun for the amount of time. Our solution the this problem is to create a baker's yeast strain, S. Cerevisiae, that can synthesis vitamin D3. This yeast strain will be able to, in theory, be baked into foods and used in the fermentation of drinks thereby infusing these items with vitamin D3.

Project Details

Part 2

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