Team:UC Chile2/SpiderColi/Constructs


Cyanolux & Bactomithril - Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, iGEM 2012


1) First Secretion System

Working Plasmid

UC Chile-OmpA+HIV.png
This is an intermediate plasmid that we used to build the GFP Reporter Plasmid an the Protease Producer Plasmid.

GFP Reporter Plasmid

UC Chile OmpA+HIV+GFP.png
The description of the mechanism of this construct is explained in the animation below.

Protease Producer Plasmid

UC Chile-OmpA+HIV+Protease.png
This construct induces the expression of the HIV protease.

Animation describing the first secretion system


Click here to open this animation from the begining in a new tab