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Synthetic Biology Day

The Synthetic Biology Day is an initiative by all German iGEM teams. It is a public event with the intention to explain and communicate the field of Synthetic Bilogy to the general public. It was held on August 25, 2012 in the following cities: Bielefeld, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Göttingen, Marburg, München, Potsdam and Tübingen.


townhall in background

Propagating synthetic biology in a town like Tübingen is a delicate business. Tübingen is known for being very ecological and organic. So when we set up our pavillon at 8 am, we were prepared for the worst. Thanks to the sunny weather the cafes around us opened early and the first deserted marketplace got filled continuosely.

A group of bikers stopped by to have a glass of our free ice-tea and were the first to try their knowledge on our synthethic biology quiz. Most questions needed only a little help to be answerd correctly. Throughout the day we had kids enjoying ice tea and sweets, watching their parents discussing topics such as the impact of genetic engineering on agriculture and medicine.

"What happens when I eat a gene?" "How can microorganisms be controlled?" "Do we need genetic engineering to feed the world?"

We provided answers to all these questions and were happy to see, that most of our visitors were thankful for the information we provided.


taking the quiz


All material was presented in German.

Posters are available as pdf documents:

synthetic biology as an engineering discipline
view pdf
definition of terms and idea of synthetic biology in a few words
view pdf
simple and interesting questions concerning genes, proteins, and food
view pdf


first page of questions and answers
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