Undergraduates from Tsinghua University have great enthusiasm for laboratory researches. However, such opportunities are limited. Taking part in the iGEM competition is a great chance for undergraduates to experience laboratory research. iGEM Tsinghua-D Team wishes such benefit could be shared by more undergraduates. Inspired by this idea, iGEM Tsinghua-D Team came up with a new way of conducting human practice. Freshmen workshop and iGEM Tsinghua-D open house were held to give undergraduates opportunity to experience laboratory research.


Freshmen workshop

Four freshmen were accepted as temporary members of our team. Trainings on basic experimental specifications and lectures on fundamental experimental principle were given during the first couples of weeks. Then, tasks related to our project were distributed and the freshmen completed their assignment independently.

iGEM Tsinghua-D open house

During the open house, lecture was given to undergraduates from various departments to take a snapshot of synthetic biology. Members of iGEM Tsinghua-D Team gave a brief introduction of epoch-making events of synthetic biology. A visit to laboratories where we conduct our project was than arranged for undergraduates. iGEM Tsinghua-D Team hope undergraduates could have some knowledge of synthetic biology and experience laboratory research.




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