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      In addition to exploration, explanation and prediction, the ultimate goal of science is creation.  In the field of life science, enthusiasm towards creation originates the synthetic biology.  During the last decade, numerous artificial biological networks had been made by rearranging the exited biological macromolecules.  Recently, creation of the macromolecules inside biological networks emerges as a hotspot.  Because of structural simplicity and manipulation convenience, RNA becomes an ideal model for conducting such researches. 

      This year, in iGEM 2012 competition, the first software that designs temperature-sensing regulatory RNA - RNAThermo is reported by iGEM Tsinghua-D Team.  Structural and functional verifications of the designed RNATs were made.  RNAThermo’s potential application in the fermentation industry is discussed:  the software provides a new method for achieving controlled expression of products in the fermentation industry.