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Gene Pollution Prevention and Gene Encryption



Genetic pollution is the term of genetics in which the genetic information is transferred in to the organisms where it is not needed or where this information never existed before. This flow of genetic information is usually undesired and cannot be controlled. The flow of genetic information usually takes place between the genetically modified organisms into the organisms which are not genetically modified.

Genetic pollution occurs when domesticated or genetically engineered species interbreed with their wild cousins, thus polluting the wild species gene pool. It is seen as negative because it affects the wild population's evolved capability to survive, as well as spreading genes that are not found in nature.

One of the main issues of genetic pollution lies in the fact that man has tampered with the genetic structure of these species and has created a situation that would not be found naturally. Some people find no issue with genetic pollution however, stating that it is the natural course of events. One thing is certain, genetic pollution irrevocably alters a species, for better or worse.

Gene pollution doesn't exist in theories or novels anymore. It is happening in our world. For example, “gold rice” event in China where genetically engineered rice with β-carotene was fed to children for research recently attracted people’s large attention. The serious situation calls for new way to prevent gene pollution.

Gene encryption

Pollution Prevention