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Visit to Nankai

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In this section, we take one step further to introduce Synthetic Biology information and 'Seeking for a Safer Future' to students from Nankai Middle School and School of Life Science in Nankai University. Three exciting activities were arranged, which are lectures movies, competitions and signature raising.


The lecture is composed of three topics: 'The Puzzle World of SynBio and iGEM', 'Welcome to our Lab and Model' 'Enlightens the World'. These topics focus on the specific ideas of iGEM and Synbio, gene contamination, analysis and modeling construction, respectively. Through the lectures, we hope not only to popularize the Synbio information and introduce the ability required to participate in the iGEM, but also raise students' attention to gene contamination by educating our project, AegiSafe O-Key.

After the lectures, a vivid competition containing 'Virtual laboratory', 'Discovery of science' and 'Lectures review' is organized to spread our idea of bioscience experiment and deepen the understanding of previous lectures. A fun testing following the competition is conducted and the result is shown in our Modeling.

The lectures are supported by Student Association for Science and Technology (SAST) from Tianjin University and Nankai University, and School of Life Science of Nankai University. "It's a great opportunity to deepen the collaboration for both of the universities." said the chairman of SAST of Tianjin University, "These activities are meaningful to spread the technology at the frontier as well as let more students know about the key quality to take part in the international competition." "I believe that I learned a lot from the lectures. They open a window for me to know more about the miserable discipline, Synbio, at one hand, and learned that gene contamination could be disastrous in the future, though it's just a hidden trouble now. I would like to follow the wonderful achievement from iGEM." Said a student from Nankai Middle School.

Differences come from the tiny effort. In the following competitions, we have an ambitious plan in cooperating with other associations to popularize the SynBio and iGEM in a greater way.

More details is available from the video.

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