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Team Members

Bin Jia, team leader, project design, experiment operation;

Jinlai Zhang, project design, experiment operation, human practice;

Dongchang Qin, project design, experiment operation;

Jiaquan Liu, project design, wiki construction and composition, experiment operation;

Qinfeng Wu, project design, wiki construction, experiment operation;

Lingli Ni, human practice, experiment operation;

Yifeng Shao, human practice, modeling;

Yapeng Su, modeling, project design, human practice;

Yufei Wei, modeling, project design, human practice;

Xiaonan Cheng, wiki design and construction, movie filming and editing, human practice;

Andi Wangzhou, project design, wiki & poster design and construction, experiment assistance;

Hengqian Ren, project design, experiment assistance;

Yang Li, experiment assistance;

Linlin Song, experiment assistance;

Shu Gong, experiment assistance.


Special Thanks to

Professor Yingjin Yuan, who offered all the necessary advice and resources including laboratories, funding, and graduate student suggestion in the whole iGEM project.
Dr. Binzhi Li, who offered us assistance in details during the project.

The Key Laboratory of Systems Biongineering, which provided us with all equipment and platform that are indispensable to our success.

Tianjin University International Cooperation Office, for their support in the competition.

Tianjin University Jiankun Foundation, for generously paying for our travel expenses.

Thanks to

SAST of NKU, SAST of TJU, SAST of School of Life Science (NKU), Biology Club of Nankai Middle School, for supporting us in the Visit Activity.

Tianluo Chen, who has done a lot for Human Pracitce's paperwork.

Zehua Xia, who has helped us to hold the Visit Activity as the chairman of SAST of TJU.

Mengfei Liu, who has devoted to the analysis of the modeling,

Stanley Wang, for your spectacular performances

Yiyang Cheng, for your one of a kind vocal performance.

Weiming Huang, for shooting those gorgeous pictures of our team