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Modular Terpenoid Biofactory

This project uses the yeast P. pastoris as a cellular factory to produce terpenoids. Terpenoids are hydrocarbon molecules that serve many purposes; they have anti-inflammatory, anti-neoplastic, anti-malarial and anti-bacterial qualities and are also of use in the cosmetic and chemical industries. Most terpenoids come from plants and, usually, their yields are low. The goal is to increase the yield through the use of synthetic biology, making a bio-brick platform which could be suited to specific ends and further expanded and controlled.

Taking advantage of the existent Mevalonate pathway in P. pastoris (the metabolic route which provides the precursors to the terpenoid biosynthesis) -engineered to limit negative feedback loops- the terpenoids of interest will be produced by introducing the appropriate synthases. By means of siRNA silencing, the sterol pathway will be controlled to insure that most of the substrates will be channeled to terpenoid production.

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