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<br/>For providing materials and access to labs and equipment.
<br/>For providing materials and access to labs and equipment.
<br/><br/>Both; for believing in us and giving us their trust; for being cool and being Radiohead fans :)

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Nicole Terc
In charge of the wiki and the logic behind the software. She was the brain behind the pencil-and-paper implementation of the original modular cloning strategy. Also did lab work (specially poured flawless agar plates).
We thank her for the outstanding job she did on our wiki and being in charge of developing our software. We also thank her for the last-minute feats of brilliance and her crazy paper-based memory system.
Daniel Villalobos.
In charge of the laboratory work, specially for the last few weeks. He helped with the promoters' research and the strategy for uploading the parts to the registry.
We thank him for exemplary lab work, above and beyond the call of duty and for persevering even in the longest nights and the hardest days on nothing but love for science and Skittles.
Fabián Garza.
In charge of mini-preps and general lab assistance. He came in at the beginning of August from the iGEM High School team we mentored during the summer.
We thank him for his commitment and eagerness to learn fast and work hard.
Luis Becerril & Gonzalo Gil.
Mechatronics and Electronic Technologies majors. We thank them for developing the software in long nights proving that through hard labor everything can be achieved.
Lucía Rosano.
She was in charge of financing and funding. We thank her for her mutant power of finding and convincing sponsors to help us. If you want to get your project started, she's the woman to count on.
Pedro Díaz.
Team leader. He came up with the modular construct idea. He was in charge of research, protocol design and general coordination.
We thank him for showing leadership even at the hardest moments of our project and being an example on our everyday practices.
We also thank him and S. typhi for the funny occurrence of contracting typhoid fever on the last Sunday before the wiki-freeze.
Diego Torres.
Digital Animation major. We thank him for designing our logo.

Our deepest thanks to the following:

Cecilia Rodríguez & Agustin Rodríguez.
For helping us on those unforgettable evenings of synthetic biology.
María Elena Nieto
For giving us general support, producing ice cream out of thin air and fetching materials from the wild Monterrey west. Overall for being there for us when we needed her the most.

Sergio A. García.
For giving us advice in every step of our project, letting us use his materials for our work, lending us his top shelf for space and generally being him. We also thank him for always speaking his mind to us in a frank and direct manner.
José M. Aguilar.
For pointing us in the right direction every time we seemed to lose track of whatever we were doing, for helping us with materials and resources and for his conversations. Also for understanding our absences during some of his classes.

Both; for believing in us and giving us their trust; for being cool and being Radiohead fans :)

Guy Cardineau.
For letting us use his equipment, his stock of enzymes and his refrigerator when ours failed.
Adriana Pacheco.
For giving us a master class on confocal and fluorescent microscopy.
Bertha Barba.
For giving us advice on the isolation of terpenoids.
Jorge Benavides.
For teaching us how to characterize terpenoids.
Federico López.
For giving us general information about using the equipment on the open lab.

Manuel Zertuche.
For his funding and support.
Marco Rito.
For providing materials and access to labs and equipment.