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For the completion of this project have contributed many people. Thus we would like to thank

Our instructors

  • Dr. Anne Meyer
  • Ing. Esengül Yildirim
  • Dr. Ir. Alessandro Abate
  • for their continuous mentorship and patience throughout the whole project

    As well as our advisors that with their knowledge in their specific field had always a useful advice for us.

  • PhD. Emrah Nikerel
  • Dr. Aljoscha Wahl
  • MsC. Ilya Tkachev
  • MsC. Calin Plesa
  • MsC. Daniel Solis Escalante
  • and of course all of the team members for all the moments we shared, as well as Willem Noteborn who started as an active member of our team. Thanks for the help on the brainstorming sessions.

Department of Biotechnology

    all the people that made it possible to do this project by providing permits

  • Prof. dr. Han de Winde
  • Dr. Lesley Robertson
  • Ing. Marinka Almering
  • Dr. Laura Koekkoek-van der Weel for the use of fluorometer
  • Tim Vos for his advice on many many yeast related things
  • Harmen van Rossum for the EGFP plasmid

Bionanoscience Department

  • Dr. Daniel Lam for the use of Microscopes
  • MsC. Pauline van Nies for her advice towards fluorometer
  • Eng. Suzanne Hage for letting us experiment in her lab
  • Dr. Yaron Caspi for helping with microscopy
  • MsC. Michela de Martino for the use of NanoDrop
  • MsC. Felix Hol for the use of flow cytometry
  • MsC. Vlad Karas for help with flow cytometry

Computer Science Department

    the Bioinformatics Lab

  • Marcel Reinders for the financial support as well as for his information about iGEM
  • Bastiaan van den Berg for his advice on Software usage for tertiary structure of Proteins

Leiden University

    for letting Leiden students aware of iGEM competition and thus we have Lizah in our team!

  • Dr.Dennis Claessen
  • Prof.Dr.Gilles van Wezel

Experts on the field

  • PhD Mark Chee from Haase lab for proving the pRSII plasmids
  • Dr. Amie McClellan for advice on yeast
  • Dr. James Broach for advise and sending yeast strains.
  • Dr. Georgies F. Mgode for advice on TB sensoring
  • Dr. Bart J. Weetjens for the great idea to smell tuberculosis


  • NRC

Yasara Team

  • Linda G. Otten
  • Dirk
  • Lykle Voort

For the professional Photoshoot and Filming

  • Frank Theys

Science Center

for providing us rooms for our brainstorming sessions


    for his advices towards Marketing

  • Guillaume Karremans


  • the iGEM team KULeuven 2011 that according to their wiki we have built ours


for their invitation at the Night of Arts & Sciences and at the LLowlab 2012 event.

For our iGEM android app

  • Bas van Stein

Family and Friends

for their support all those months

Our Sponsors