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From this week we paid more attention to our human practices

Week 2



After all the material we bought arrived, we started our lab work again in our school. It’s a hard work to develop our own laboratory. But we had fun at the same time.

We did a digest and amplify GFP & RFP with PCR.


We visited 3 high schools and gave presentations to their students on synthetic biology and our IGEM projects. There are many students being interested in biology and some of them would like to join this competition. We think our major goal has been achieved. We also did a ligation to connect GFP, RFP and the plasmid together. Then we did a transformation.


Today’s morning, we saw that control group almost exist only few of bacterial colony and the experimental group grow lots of colonies. I think it is a positive suggest. So we did a colony PCR to test whether the ligation is successful. We picked up 10 colonies to test and three of them is positive ligated by three parts and all the colonies are positive ligated by two parts.


We picked up those colonies which are positive. Through the bacterium culture in shake-flask more than 12 hours, we can do plasmid miniprep.

We also started to record our open classes.

Because the deadline of wiki is coming so almost every team members are busy in writing their parts.

Week Diary