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Team Members

Shui Jing

I’m Shui Jing, a sophomore and still don’t have major. All the wonders in physics and biology attract me so much that I really enjoy the process of learning.

In my spare time, I am involved in all kinds of sports, such as basketball, badminton, table tennis swimming and many more. As a team leader, my major task in this project is arranging the team affairs, I am also responsible for our wiki. I think I have learned a lot from this special experience. learning how to cooperate with team members from different background and different characters and how to shoulder the responsibilities I have to face are not as easy as what you say. The more difficulties I overcome, the more mature I will be.

I hope everyone can have fun in IGEM and enjoy the process.

ZiShan Wu

I’m Zishan Wu. My friends call me big potato because I am like the cartoon character in ‘Old Master’. I always think I am lucky because I met many wonderful things. So, joining in iGEM team is my luckiness ,too.Our team divide into lab group and theory group. I chose the theory group because I liked writing programs and reading some intersting papers. I really enjoyed the process where I learned many things and got closer to our goal step by step.

MengShi Zhang


Hobbies: Reading ,Sleeping ,designing & handiwork

Education: 2011.3-2012.3 General education in SUSTC,China

Contribution to our team: Be a member of experiment group and design the T-shirt on the leisure time.

Statement : Beginning with no professional knowledge and skills, I am eager to learn everything. The process of the whole experiment is a procedure of learning and summarizing. There is no time to delay. Learn from mistakes. Be responsible for your data and results. Motto: Young and challenge yourself. Nothing is impossible.

BoYu Qie

You can call me Qie Boyu, which is my name, or Qie Ye, which means grandfather Qie made by my friends to show their honour(ahahaha~). I'm from Chengdu, the best city in the world. In order to find some meaningful project to do in the summer vacation, I take part in our iGEM team though I nearly didn't known everything out of biology tought in high school. Doing the project with my friends is very cool, I totally fall in love with the process of it. I'm loving it !

Xianggeng Liu

I am Xianggeng Liu, a undergraduates from SUSTC, and will major in chemistry. I am responsible for database, lab and wiki. My hobbies are chemistry, history and football. iGEM gives me a chance to understand synthetic biology and do some research, which makes me enjoy science.

Liuxing Shen

Hi, I'm liuxingshen and a member of terminator team. Instead of wetlab, I focused on lecture and computer stuffs. This was my first time to involve in a big team projects and I found so much things new and fascinating. During this summer ,I have learned how to trust teammates and how to distribute the tasks to them. Sometimes, I was tired and desperate but, after all, it was a thrill to experience something like this!