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1. Fluorescence microscope results

Our plasmid design contains a RFP and GFP. Fluorescence microscope pictures Figure 1 shows that both GFP is expressed.

488nm light was used to activate RFP. However we couldn’t see the expression of RFP.

(Figure 1: Those bacteria who express GFP is seen under the fluorescence microscope activated by 488nm light.The picture shows the expression of the GFP. )


2. Fit curves relating to dscores and terminator efficiencies.

(figure 6: Summary of results)

(figure 3 : According the data on biofab ( ) and our software predicted dscores, create fit curves. Linear fit curve is founded to have the highest accuracy among all the fit curves. )

(figure 4 : According to our experiment measured terminator efficiencies and our software predicted dscores, we create fit curve to relate all the data . To correspond to the figure 3, we choose linear fit curve to link all the data. There are 5 valuable points of terminator efficiencies. The sequences are listed below. In the experiment, we transform 9 terminators to plasmid mutant-psb1a3-GF and only get 5 reliably terminators’ data. The points appeared on the figure are terminators whose number is 1,4,6,7,8 )

(figure 5 : Here listed the sequences of terminator whose efficiencies are measured in the lab.)