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SUSTC iGEM Theme - Free CSS Template


Our software is for calculating transcription terminator efficiency based on three main algorithms which are updated by our own experiment data that can be divided into two parts: software and website.

We use three main algorithms of calculating which were put forward by different papers. They are all based on calculating the score or Gibbs free energy of the stem-loop and T-tail, and then we use some of our own experiment data of those typical terminators to get the fitting function of terminator efficiency with the score and ΔG. We also use other experment data to prove and correct our function to make it better.

The function of the software is brief that users only need to input the sequency of their terminator and then it can output the structure and efficiency of the terminator. For those users who can connect to the internet, we have our website for them to use without download our software, and for those who cannot, they can download our software to use.

Have a Try!

This is the address of our “transcriptional terminator efficiency calculator” website. Please input the terminator sequence and then choose an algorithm. When you press the button down it can predict the terminator efficiency and structure.


This is the first time that we join this competition, we got many help from some companies and other teams. thanks for their help and supports!