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SUSTC iGEM Theme - Free CSS Template

SUSTC iGEM Theme - Free CSS Template

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2012 iGEM team: Shenzhen

Hi, I am K2, the instructor of Team Shenzhen. As I am a researcher in C.Dog project, I have tested some well measured terminators in C.Dog, via TTEC. As the algorithm of TTEC is being advanced, the simulation results seem to be much more reliable now. Furthermore, as part of our iGEM project YAO#1.0, younsters in our team have annoted several terminators in yeast mitochondiral genome. Then we caculate the termination efficency and 2nd structure via TTEC, and we wish the data can be vertified by our on-going experiments :)

I enjoyed our discussion very much.

HKU Wei Huang

I have played a little with your web tool a little. It is pretty smooth. I guess that you don’t want to show all your findings in this website, such as predicted better terminators, and their hierarchy etc. It would be nice if you could link it to your wiki (or something) to explain your model, and the meaning of the results for three algorithms.

Please feel free to ask if you have more to discuss. I will try to find if any student is around to test your website.