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Week 1



Tonight, we had our first human practice. We gave a lecture on synthetic biology to the freshman in our school, and showed them the blueprint of this field. Then we did a presentation on what we are doing right now. They showed great interests in our project and would like to join us.


We had a meeting to discuss our plan for September. Each group member was assigned a specific role: Zhang Mengshi, Liu Xianggeng and I will be responsible for experiments. Wu Zishan and Shen Liuxing will prepare the lecture and posters which will be used in our planned tours to a couple of high schools in Shenzhen. We are going to introduce synthetic biology and our project to them. Chen Yao and Qie Boyu will optimize our program and finish our web page.


We paid a visit to SIAT to discuss the potential of using their lab for our experiments. Luckily, they agreed.

Week Diary