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SUSTC iGEM Theme - Free CSS Template


Team Members

Shui Jing

1. Design the first version of our TTEC webpage.

2. Participate and supervise the lab work and experimental schedule.

3. Responsible for building our wiki pages.

4. Corresponding author of article technical standard.

5. Arrange team affairs.

Xiangeng Liu

1. Update of terminator efficiency database.

2. Being one of the two chief experiment group members.

3. Writing of part of “Safety”.

Zishan Wu

1. Programming the calculation of Gibbs free energy and anti-terminator score.

2. Modeling of terminator efficiency.

3. Update of terminator efficiency database.

Mengshi Zhang

1. Writing of protocol notebook and lab results.

2. Being one of the two chief experiment group members.

3. The design the team T-shirt.

Liuxing Shen

1. Provided suggestions of the programming from beginning to the end.

2. Read paper to shed light on the work and gave suggestions of all kind.

3. Wrote an article about synthetic biology and designed the boards.

4. Went to high school to video the event.

Yao Chen

1.Wrote the first program for TTEC.

2.Wrote several simple programs for further application.

3.debug for the programme.

Boyu Qie

1. Built and set our server of Website.

2. designed our user interface of PC tool and online tool, and wrote them.

3. wrote parts of the wiki.

4. went to other school to visit other teams to get their advice about our project.



Jiankui He

Dr. He is the instructor of SUSTC_Shenzhen_B. Dr.He mentored the entire project from organizing journal club, designing the project. Dr.He met team members regularly once a week.

Rui Zhao

1. Help our team members to program and realize algorithms.

2. Give us advisce about programming when we feel puzzle.

Yi Deng

1. Give us advice on experimental planning.

YinLan Zhao

1. Help us to do experiments.

2. Give us some suggestions to solve the experimental problems.