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Welcome To TTEC

It is important that transcription is imperfectly terminated at some terminators so that the ratio of the amount of mRNA transcribed from upstream and that from downstream of the terminator is controlled. This is qualified as terminator efficiency.

Our project focuses on calculating the transcriptional terminator efficiency and predicting the structure of the terminator. The lab work is used to validate our model and then build a database that focused on terminator efficiency.

This is the main page of our wiki. If you want to know more about our project please see detailed parts. Have a nice time!

Team abstract

Our team consists of 7members, who are all sophomores of South University of Science and Technology of China. We are receiving the general education and don’t have our own major now, We gather because of the same hope, the unity.


Human Practice

Human practice is one of the IGEM activities that promote public awareness and education of synthetic biology and genetic engineering. As one of the IGEM team, we should contribute our share to the historic events----synthetic biology.



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