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Project Overview


Abstract Termination is one of the most important processes in synthetic biology, that every new synthesis needs a proper terminator. We hope to help scientists design their needed terminators through a computer program which satisfy the proper terminator efficiency. Thus the project is about programming the program of designing terminators.


Because of the must of designing the terminators, scientists need to find the unique proper terminators nearly during every synthesis, and that’s a tough work to be done. If we can deal with the problem that they only need to input the sequence of their designed parts and the terminator efficiency they want on their laptops, tablets, even iphones, and then our program can immediately output the terminators on the screen, which they can use directly in their productions. It will save plenty of time.


Background Up to now, scientists have built a nearly complete system to design a terminator with wanted terminator efficiency. In the ‘book’ “Design and Characterization of Artificial Transcriptional Terminator” we can easily find the way to design it, and according to the approximate formulas we can program our products without new experiments that we were supposed to do.


If you would like to collaborate with South University of Science and technology of China, please send an email to