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  • 7.16

    We chose mySQL as our database management system for its search functions. A program which could connect mySQL database and load data as well as using mySQL's search funcions was gotten. .

  • 7.17

    In the first meeting, our group divided into two parts:UI(part leader: Xiao Tong)& data(part leader:Mubing Zhou). UI members and data members works in pair. All the members made a draft of our project one--Bosearch and looked through part by part carefully, so that we could choice the functions needed.

  • 7.18

    In this day we determined three parts of our work: categories, search engine, and search result. We also disgusted the search methods. From now, all the members started our group-work with clear aims.

    Search Engine group included two members: Xiao Tong and Mubing Zhou. Their main work was to search keywords (or some other functions) which were input by user in the database and passed the summarized results to them. When user clicked one of the results for more details, the part-name was sent to Search Result group.

    Search Result group included six members: group leader Xin Yang, Deng Pan, Jingyao Guo, Qijia Cheng, Yidan Pan, Yujun Zhao. The main goal of this group was to create an interface to accept the result(part name) of bio-brick searching (which was sent by the SE group),showing the details of this part. In this part, loading database was the most important thing .

    Category group included four members: Chenchen Lv, Junqiu Zhang, Yiqi Jiang and Zili Fan. They would work on building category-formed-interface to show all the data in, which simplifys the long spreadsheet into keyword-showing tables.

  • 7.19

  SE:Members discussed about the searching methods and searchstring. A picker was chosen for user to select the searching part(part name, discription and so on).

  Xiao Tong: Designed the user interface included the form of spinner and the options it showed.

  Mubing Zhou: Tested the search methods (accurate search and fuzzy search).


  Category:Analyzing the target website, members determined to provide four kinds of showing type:parts by type;parts by function; parts by chassis and devices by type. Then members collected informations and codes ,in order to show a user friendly interface.

  Chenchen Lv:Attempted category's overall arrangement as table-formed.

  Junqiu Zhang: Designed the tone of category view.

  Yiqi Jiang: Attempted category's overall arrangement as folder-formed.

  Zili Fan: Designed the tone of category view.


  Search result: The team in charge of the database started to analyse the mysql files and collect all the titles. By comparing the database and the website, we found that the database was incomplete, which didn't contain the description written by different authors, and the structure was totally different from the website. In order to build a part-name-based search result, we needed to search the whole database again when SE returned us the part name and collected the result.

  Xin Yang: Selected important parts of the 13 tables.

  Deng Pan: Designed the interface of search result

  Jingyao Guo: Tried to show details from several tables in one page as table form.

  Qijia Cheng:on vacation

  Yidan Pan: Tried to show details from several tables in one page as table form.

  Yujun Zhao: Tested to combine all the tables of the database.

  • 7.13

    Achieved picture dragging and spinning functions. Also built a simple program that could show the coordinate of touched place when user touched the screen.

  • 7.14

    Learned to create a table whose every row one-to-one corresponded to a particular key (and the key could be used to search the column). We also achieved the navigation function that we could went to different page by clicking different row of the table.

  • 7.15

    Learned about memory management. We studied the way to load data from XML files, and add search function to the table we built before. That day we completed with the primary knowledge needed, then our project was started!