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User Review


User Distribution in Asia


  In order to satisfy the need of major iGEM participants and synthetic biologists, SUSTC-Shenzhen-A send a survey to several iGEM team in mainland China to collect their opinion on Partsregistry and our App. You can see from the following figure, teams from Tianjin University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Ocean University of China are very active in our surveys.They highly think of our project and provide us with a lot of precious suggestions. Here we want to express our appriciation to them from the bottom of heart.



  Question1: Registry of standard biological parts( provides users with a search bar on the top of the right corner. Are you satisfied with its searching result?

  Question2: Will you expect us to make Partsregistry an iPhone App?

  The figure shows that 14.29% users feel unsatisfactory about Partsregistry, 47.62% feel acceptable, 38.10% feel satisfactory about it.Therefore, it's our responsibility to make it more convenient for researchers to search for their desired biobricks. Another survey shows that over 80% of iGEM participants are in an urgent need for an iPhone App about Partsregistry. That strongly demonstrate the significance to proceed this project.



User Comment


  austinamens from Tianjin

  I searched by keywords and by part name. BioSearch is indeed a good trying.


   jiaquan_good from Tianjin.

  I looked over bioparts list by category. It is easy to use and the tutorial is very helpful.


  huanan1991 from SJTU-BioX-Shanghai

  I searched and viewed several lists by catalog. I use BioaSearch to search bioparts relative to synthesis of fatty acid.


  Adjaniyu from SJTU-BioX-Shanghai

  I’m very excited to see such a pithy user interface. I searched several vio-operon parts.


  Vampire19 from OUC-iGEM

  I searched BioBrick J23015 and clicked the link in BioSearch to view experience page on website.


  Oucigem1 from OUC-China

  The overall effect of BioSearch is good. I searched BBa_K116401 and BBa_J23101.


  Newfive from OUC-China

  With BioSearch, I searched BBa_K737005 and added it to “Favorite”.


  Pengyongouc from OUC-China

  I searched Bba_K737067 and got expecting result.


  cwth166 from OUC-China

  I searched J23106, R0011 and E0480. It is fast and accurate, and it’s very beautiful.


  Oucigem2 from OUC-China

  As for its search function, BioSearch is strong and accurate, though it is not a multi-function. I searched BBa-J23106.


  Liuerlrir from OUC-China

  I tried all the function of BioSearch and searched BBa_R0082, cph8 and k081024. I thought I got what I wanted.


  530854106QQ from OUC-China

  I searched Bba_K737067 with BioSearch on iPhone which is much faster than Partsregistry. I really expect you to develop an iPad version.


  kaykang510 from Tsinghua

  I tried search by name, by keywords, by type and by catalog. I scanned sub list of LuxI, LuxR, Las and FemE.


  astrol.lee from Tsinghua

  I viewed the lists of RFP, cI and lacI. It’s fast and accurate.