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SUSTC-Shenzhen-A team.png
Team SUSTC-Shenzhen-A

Who we are

Primary Contact: Jiankui He


  • Instructor 1: Pu Li
  • Instructor 2: Jing Zhang


  • Team leader: Xiao Tong
  • Student 1: Boyu Qie
  • Student 2: Chenchen Lv
  • Student 3: Jingyao Guo
  • Student 4: Junqiu Zhang
  • Student 5: Qijia Cheng
  • Student 6: Xin Yang
  • Student 7: Yidan Pan
  • Student 8: Zili Fan
  • Student 9: Yujun Zhao
  • Student 10: Mubin Zhou

What we did

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Where we're from

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