Team:SUSTC-Shenzhen-A/Biosearch Tutorial


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Search Toturial





  After loading, it’s the search page.







  Click the ‘Tutorial’ button, you can learn how to use the function this page. Click ‘Okey’ button to exit.















  Click the button in the top right corner, you can choose to add a search keyword.







  After entering, click ‘return’ button to hide the keyboard.





















  You can get the result. Each record shows whether the biobrick is available or not and the short description of this biobrick. You can also click the right corner button to do a second level search.















  Click the biobrick name, you can browse the detail information of this biobrick.







  Click the ‘add’ button, you can add this biobrick to your bookmark (Favorites). In the alert, you can add your own tag to this biobrick. You need click the ‘return’ button to submit.















  The second page is the catalog page.






  The‘tutorial’ button is located at the top right corner. Click the ‘Okey’ button to exit.