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Biodesign: Draft the cell in your pocket!

Biodesign is our second software project on iPhone.

  To design a picture like the right one, what tools would you choose? Windows drawing tool? You must be kidding! Tinkcell? Yes, you are approaching it. How about using your iPhone! Yes, you can draw a biological process like the right one on your iPhone if you use our software, Biodesign!

  Biodesign is a graphics editing application specific to synthetic biology for both iPhone and iPad. It is based on a previous iGEM software named Tinkercell and was elaborately improved to adapt to mobile platform. It provides hundreds of biobrick icons as well as lots of fancy functions including dragging graphics, drawing curves and automatically connecting figures with corresponding arrows. With BioSearch, users can draw biochemical reaction schematics anywhere they want and share their drawings with friends. Biodesign will be available online very soon!

  BioDesign is under construction now. But its main frame has already finished. And all the fatal technical difficulties have been overcome. There are only some minor bugs remained to be handled. The major picture-designing interface is shown below.

major picture-designing interface

  Since this software is not complete, the pictures used above are a little ridiculous. But we have realized the major function theoretically. The remaining work is minor yet miscellaneous and time-consuming.

  We have to notice that a new era is coming, a era of cell phone is coming! And since the download times on AppStore is more than 25 billion (see right), iPhone has become one of the most important mobile platforms.Our core concept is to make research portable. When other basic disciplines'development still depends on paper documents or network data, synthetic biology has come to the forefront of the times.From now on, synthetic biology is no longer a discipline limited in laboratory , researchers can take it walking in every corner of the world, to show the world the charming of synthetic biology!