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College View


This year, BioCraft successfully held a summer program in Xuhui Campus of SJTU for high school students in collaboration with the students' union of Zhiyuan College. We name this human practice project “College View”, aiming at giving a preview of the colorful college life and spreading knowledge of Synthetic Biology to the juniors. The students all came from the most excellent high schools in Shanghai, including Shanghai High School, Nan Yang Model High School, Weiyu High School and so on. We also introduced iGEM, the biggest event in the field of Synthetic Biology to them and encouraged the intrigued ones to participate in the next year’s HS division.

Questionnaire Survey

Before the lecture, we conducted a simple survey in the form of questionnaire containing both choice and non-choice questions. From the statistical result, we learnt that although most of the high school students master varying degrees of basic biological knowledge, they knew little about Synthetic Biology, a new branch of modern biology.

File:12SJTU HP CollegeView3.JPG
Fig2 Ruonan Yin, is Introducing the iGEM Competition

Synthetic Biology Lecture

Synthetic Biology was a strange noun to almost every high school student we met. Mostly, they would think it was about synthesizing something by means of biology, but we must try to teach them that it is about synthesizing life and how researchers have managed that. First, we introduce an example about the triumph over Pseudomonas aeruginosa of the biologist Chueh Loo Poh and the chemist Matthew Wook Chang using methods of synthetic biology. Then we explain the basic principles of synthetic biology in simple terms that could easily accepted and how information theory and computer simulation technology were combined into this discipline.

File:12SJTU HP CollegeView4.JPG
Fig4:The Instructor of SJTU-BioX-Shanghai iGEM Team, Mr Ma, is Introducing Major Achievements of BioX

Introduction to iGEM

Also, we introduced about the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition and the past awarded projects of SJTU-BioX-Shanghai iGEM team. Viewed as the top event in the field of Synthetic Biology, the iGEM competition is a worldwide competition once only aimed at undergraduate university students. But now, iGEM also has a division for high school students to participate in. Therefore, we encouraged the students who aspired to major in biology to take part in the next year’s iGEM HS division.

File:12SJTU HP CollegeView5.JPG
Fig5: A Researcher in BioX is Explaining Operating Principles of the Experimental Equipment

Laboratory Tour

After the lecture, some groups of the high school students were led to the BioX center in Xuhui Campus to pay a visit and for most of them, this was their first close contact to a world-class sophisticated laboratory. They were really excited.