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Our team did project designing, experiment conduction and data analysis by ourselves. Instructors Lin HE, Gang MA and You WANG at Bio-X institute offered us very valuable suggestions during the whole project. Xiaopan MA, Chunyin LI, Bin ZHAO, Heng LUO, Kaisi Zhang and other former iGEMers of SJTU also gave us useful tips which helped a lot. Researcher Zhigang QIAN in Professor Yan FENG’s lab also gave us some very useful instructions on project designing.

Bio-X institute generously offered us a laboratory to conduct experiments and gave us finance & equipment help. Also, we did some of our experiments in laboratories of School of Life Science and Biotechnology of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Prof. Gunnar von Heijne from Stockholm University kindly offered us suggestions about membrane protein construction. Prof. Yi YANG and his student Xianjun CHEN from East China University of Science and Technology offered us plasmids carrying vivid gene. Prof. John Dueber in UC Berkley sent us genes of interacting proteins ---- SH3, PDZ and GBD domain, which played a very important part in our project. Prof. Pamela A. Silver and his student Gairik from Harvard University sent us genes of RNA binding protein PP7 and MS2.

We also received help from iGEM team of Fudan University and Peking University, who sent us genes in Violacein Synthetic Pathway.

Sincerely, we want to say thank you all the people and institutes mentioned above for you generous help.

At last, we want to say thanks to our sponsors: Life Technology, GenScript, Diannuo Biotechnology, Shenlian Biomedicine, Shiyi Biotechnology for your financial help, which enabled us to focus on experiment without worrying irrelevant problems.