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Our team, SEU_Omega aims to execute a synthetic biology project
based on colony of bacteria.

An initial idea concerns the control of the pattern of colony, which would be in the shape of a pentagram. Light sensing would be used as a switch to manipulate the differentiation of cells and the quorum sensing system of AHL would govern the holistic pattern with antisense RNA effecting the division rate.

Further cellular differentiation would automatically lead
aggregating cells with separated division rates and
similar phenotype into specific patterns.

Available applications may include
bacterial quantitive biosensor,
logical gates, and
so on.

          In our project, we tried
      to build a biobrick building by combining
   Project Design, Modeling and Experiment together.
Simulating and confirming the scheme using mathematical
 models, estimating modeling parameters with experiments,
  adjusting the experiment plan according to the result of
    models, we hope to construct a biology system with such
    an engineering method.