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Overall project

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As we all know, since the discovery of penicillin, people gradually rely on various antibiotics to kill bacteria. However, the adaptation ability of bacteria that of responding to these medicines is out of our imagination , the speed of production of resistance to drugs is faster than creating a new effective drug as well. We come across a big dilemma in drug resistance when fight with the bacteria. Hence(Consequently), a new and effective method of killing bacteria is in urgent need.

Based on this concept(consideration), we come up with two innovative ways which have great advantage over the traditional one.

The first one, we try to take advantage of the bacteria's own selection system. In order to achieve our goal ,we intend to construct a new plasmid ,which can not only be of great benefit to the multiplication of bacteria but also cause the death of bacteria when needed. Regularly,the sweet genes will express, promoting the spread of plasmid from one bacteria to another through transconjugation (a process bacteria inherently own) in some degree. Once the account of it reaches a certain threshold , the dead gene switch will turn on, resulting in the death of the host bacteria. The second method derives from the idea of cannibalism dog-eat-dog, we settle on a Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus strain, who lived in cracking other bacteria. We consider to reconstruct the chemotaxis of Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus,which leads to some sort of special chemotaxis action,and then improves the sterilization efficiency to a certain bacteria. Besides due to the special sterilization of Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus that can decompose the genetic material of the target bacteria, it can diminish the probability of bacteria resistance at the same time.

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