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Flight of the Flagellin

Flight of the Flagellin takes protein structures and give them a hilarious, fun, new perspective.

As a part of our 2012 iGEM project, we plan on using dance to explain concepts associated with synthetic biology, as well as our own research.

We will make dance into our own unique tool for teaching others scientific concepts, as an alternative to use powerpoint presentations.

In our presentation at the 2012 iGEM conference, we plan on incorporating dance into our presentation as a means of conveying our ideas, and demonstrating our work in a unique method. After the iGEM competition, our group hopes to continue sharing our ideas, and creating new routines to help teach people about other scientific concepts from any field of research.


There are many different ways to be involved with our group. We are seeking people to dance, as well as people interested helping with funding, filming, music or other media. More importantly, we are also looking for people who are interested in contributing advice, their own art, or any thoughts on what we'll be working on. Please write us at We are looking forward to hearing from you!