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What is SynthetiQ?

SynthetiQ Experimental Dance is a group devoted to creating, testing and analyzing movement, in the form of dance, as a means of explaining scientific concepts. Inspired by Dr. John Bohannon's “Dance Your PhD Contest” and his TEDxBrussels talk in 2011, our first project will be partnered with the Queen's Genetically Engineered Machine (QGEM) Team. Because our research and learning goals align perfectly with those of the QGEM team, we will be researching and presenting together at the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition in the fall.

Our Creative Process:

Rather than starting by taking concepts and movements from other dance styles, we choose to take a foundational approach by asking ourselves: what is dance, expression or movement? Beginning with these basic definitions, we will be able to build and creating our own movements, free of any constraints or advantages of taking aspects from other dance styles. However, we also must keep in mind the scientific concepts we seek to explain. Through our research, we will learn the definitions of dance as well as how science is explained and interpreted to develop routines that are the most effective at explaining our concepts.

Who are we?

We are a group consisting of people with or without any combination of scientific, or dance background. Since our goal is to keep our motions unique, it is not necessarily advantageous to know other styles of dance. The most important aspect of our group is that we will all learn, and test, every possible combination of movements and positions. We would also like to extend our research beyond dance, and examine other art forms such as music, or visual arts.


There are many different ways to be involved with our group. We are seeking people to dance, as well as people interested helping with funding, filming, music or other media. More importantly, we are also looking for people who are interested in contributing advice, their own art, or any thoughts on what we'll be working on. Please write us at We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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