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Notebook - Week 6

Protocol Content

Monday June 4

Today we spent most of the day working on sponsorship, and Victor and David spent time in the lab working on making Liquid colonies were made from the rehydration of GFP and Antigen 43. However, because they were left in the incubation room all weekend, we may run into some problems in the future, so we will be closely monitoring these colonies. The liquid growth medium looked relatively stable, therefore we did miniprep for both luciferase and both GFP. In the evening, we continued work on our human practices project, SynthetiQ.

Tuesday June 5

We split into three groups today, and two groups spent most of the day researching the topics of potential non-biobrick parts (specifically nanotubes and enzymes for degradation pathways), and Biobrick Fusion Standards. While Victor, Kevin, and David spent most of the day in the lab testing gel electrophoresis and clean up. They also Performed miniprep for BisdA and BisdB.The gel picture is shown in the lab work where the ratios of each lane refer to the dye to digested plasmid ratio that was placed into each lane well to form the bands.