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ChimeriQ - Parts Page

Parts Page
This is the summary of some of our parts, these parts are a combination of our full flic constructs with different part insertions that have been tested. Our E.coli K12 FliC is our main part that consists of the full flic construct without the D3 domain variable. This part can be used to do part insertions within the sequence.

This is the complete flagellin coding sequence with biobrick standard cut sites removed, under the promoter R0010 and RBS B0034. This part can be used to over express the flagellin monomer.

The main use of this part is for PCR overlap extension, which will make an insertion at the annotated site, given that the insert is in the appropriate format. The resulting chimera will express protein immediately after the PCR reaction is transformed. This part has been previously characterized as BBa_K777109. The part that we have submitted has some slight differences in the silent mutations made to remove Biobrick cut sites. This part also includes the promoter R0010 and the RBS B0034.