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ChimeriQ - Description

  • Thanks to Dr. Ian Chin-Sang's lab for graciously allowing us to use their reagents for our project.
  • Equipment
  • Special to Dr. William Bendena for allowing us to use his lab for working on our project, and students in Dr. Ian Chin-Sang's lab, Tony, Jeff, and Jun for all their help.
  • Plasmids
  • Dr. Craig Gehren - University of Alberta - Provided plasmids containing Rv2579
  • Jennifer Gehret McCarthy - University of Michigan - Provided plasmids containing the dmmA gene
  • Dr. Yuji Nagata - Tohoku University - Provided plasmids containing the LinB gene
  • Dr. Tom Peat - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation - Provided plasmids containing the linB gene
  • Dr. Steven Smith - Queen's University - Provided plasmids containing Cohesin and Dockerin domains